Data & Society Research Institute

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

danah boyd, Geoffrey Bowker, Kate Crawford, Helen Nissenbaum

In collaboration with the National Science Foundation, the Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society will provide critical social and cultural perspectives on big data initiatives. The Council brings together researchers from diverse disciplines – from anthropology and philosophy to economics and law – to address issues such as security, privacy, equality, and access in order to help guard against the repetition of known mistakes and inadequate preparation. Through public commentary, events, white papers, and direct engagement with data analytics projects, the Council will develop frameworks to help researchers, practitioners, and the public understand the social, ethical, legal, and policy issues that underpin the big data phenomenon. Work by the Council will be shared here.

Council Members

Alessandro Acquisti
Professor, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
Mark Andrejevic
Mark Andrejevic
Associate Professor, Pomona College
Solon Barocas
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University
Geoffrey C. Bowker
Professor, Department of Informatics; Director Evoke Laboratory, University of California-Irvine
danah boyd
Chief Instigator, Data & Society Research Institute; Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research; Research Assistant Professor, New York University
Kate Crawford
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research; Visiting Professor, MIT Center for Civic Media
Edward W. Felten
Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Seeta Pena Gangadharan
Senior Research Fellow, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation; Fellow, Data & Society Research Institute
Alyssa Goodman
Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University; Research Associate of the Smithsonian Institution
Rachelle Hollander
Director of the Center for Engineering, Ethics, and Society at the National Academy of Engineering
Barbara Koenig
Professor of Medical Anthropology & Bioethics, Dept. of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Institute for Health & Aging, and, Dept. of Anthropology, History, and Social Medicine, U. of California, San Francisco
Eric Meslin
Director, Indiana University Center for Bioethics; Associate Dean and Professor of Bioethics, Indiana University School of Medicine; Director, Center for Law, Ethics and Applied Research in Health Information
Jake Metcalf
Jake Metcalf
Research Assistant, Data & Society
Arvind Narayanan
Affiliate Faculty Member of Princeton’s Center for Information Technology policy; Affiliate of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society
Alondra Nelson
Professor of Sociology and Dean of Social Science, Columbia University
Helen Nissenbaum
Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication & Computer Science, New York University; Director, Information Law Institute
Paul Ohm
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, University of Colorado Law School
Frank Pasquale
Professor of Law, University of Maryland Carey School of Law
Latanya Sweeney
Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Sharon Traweek
UCLA Gender Studies Department
Matt Zook
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky